Internet Marketers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Pastors, Church Leaders, Bible Teachers, Speakers, Poets, Authors and Writers.. You have a huge selection of material that needs to be shared globally. Let me show you how to publish your hard work as an Amazon Kindle publication – quickly, easily and without incurring publishing costs. Whether long or short, your material is exactly what people around the world would love to have access to.


Avoid Frustration

Have you tried to format your book for Kindle and been frustrated with the result? I have great news for you! It has become easier than ever to publish for Kindle! PUBLISH YOUR PASSION is a very special concise yet comprehensive course on Kindle Publishing that will help you do that. Even “non-techies” will discover how simple it is to prepare your book and format it professionally for publishing on Amazon Kindle. Plus you will receive specially formatted templates to save you formatting headaches and stress as well as my popular eGuide “Kindle Publishing Made Easy.” Once your book is ready for publishing, you will be enabled to publish it within 24 hours and receive up to 70% royalties on sales.

Avoid Information Overload

I’ve saved you time and trouble by compressing essential formatting tactics into bite-sized pieces so you can easily digest it without suffering from information overload. You will discover how easy it is to quickly format your book into a great-looking Kindle version and publish it in the popular Amazon Kindle Store.

Tried and Trusted Information

This product is solidly based on my own experience of publishing and selling Kindle books. Put my name in the Amazon search engine to see some of my products.

The “Publish Your Passion” Kindle Publishing Course  will open the door to amazing opportunities in the online publishing world and help you become known as an AUTHORity in your field of expertise. This is an exciting course and I really recommend you take advantage of it TODAY. An added bonus is that you will have personal access to me for the duration of the course to assist you with any difficulties you may experience.

Think about this…

  • The Amazon Kindle Store is the world’s fastest growing eBook Marketplace in the world today.
  • Thousands of buyers armed with credit cards visit these sites every day looking for new books to read on their various devices. They are not just browsing… they want to buy.
  • Amazon (Kindle publishing) will do everything possible to help you market your books in countries around the world.
    This is free publishing, without any out-of-pocket expenses (once your book is ready for publishing).
  • Amazon takes care of selling and delivering your book and send you up to 70% royalties.
  • The whole world is at your feet. You do NOT need a Kindle to read kindle books! You may read them for free on ANY computer, smartphone or tablet using Amazon’s free software available here: http://ow.ly/EUvxn
  • Some Kindle Authors have already sold in excess of one million copies of their books so why shouldn’t YOU be the next Amazon Best Seller?


The Course consists of eight modules:

  • Initial Preparation. Taking care of preliminary details.
  • Preparing Your Digital Book. Helping you bring your manuscript to completion and including all necessary information and extra pages. Includes tips on how to bring buyers back to your website to give you their email address so you can keep in touch and tell them about your next book.
  • Cover Preparation. Your best advertisement for your book.
  • Formatting Your Book for Kindle. How to work your way through the maze of instructions and produce beautifully formatted books. You will even be supplied with a professionally formatted template you can just copy and paste your information into.
  • Publishing Your Kindle Book. Step-by-step instructions on publishing your book on the Amazon Kindle platform within minutes so you will be a published author in 24 hours.
  • Promoting Your Book. You need to tell people where to find your book and you will receive some excellent marketing advice. The more buyers, the more royalties! Learn how to get your books on the social media scene. Remember, if you don’t tell them, they won’t buy your book.
  • Updating Your Books. Unlike print books, you can update your digital book at any time and republish within 24 hours. Discover how to keep it up to date, correct errors and add material.
  • Keeping Track of your Sales and Royalties. How to keep on eye on your sales in various countries. Always know how your book is doing and watch your marketing efforts bearing fruit.


Special Bonus

.I’ve even included a special bonus to help you transform your digital book into a paperback and sell it on Amazon.com. Register for my “Publish Your Passion” Kindle Publishing Course now and you will also receive my popular Kindle Publishing Kit, which includes:

 Kindle Publishing Kit

  • My popular Kindle Publishing Made Easy eGuide.
  • The Powerpoint Tutorial.
  • Specially formatted Kindle book templates. Just copy and paste your words into the Template and you will have a beautifully formatted Kindle book ready for publishing.
  • Free copy of my popular eGuide “Publish With Amazon Today” which will help you prepare your book as a Paperback for publishing on Amazon.com via Createspace.
  • Marketing Tips to get your books noticed.



Shouldn’t Your Book Be In The Amazon Kindle Store?


Get Your Copy Of This Outstanding Product Today!




  • How to take advantage of the growing interest in Kindle books, especially now that Amazon are selling more Kindlebooks than paperbacks.How to re-purpose your books, eBooks and other material into Kindle-friendly format.
  • How to make really great-looking Kindle books that your readers will love.
  • How to keep your book updated.
  • How to have Amazon sell your book for you and give you up to 70% commission.


It is plausible that in the next five years, some author somewhere will write a Kindle eBook that earns him or her millions of dollars.

Kindle Publishing Made Easy

It’s possible.. if you get your Kindle formatting right. And my “Publish Your Passion” Kindle Publishing Coruse will show you how. Better than that – it will explain in a simple, easy-to-follow style exactly what to do and how to do it!

And as another saying goes:
Instruction is appreciated if it is well presented.”
(Proverbs 16:21).

There are roughly a billion computers on the planet connected to the internet and about four billion mobile devices, the majority of which can read eBooks in numerous formats using free software. The Kindle has become the most gifted item in Amazon’s history. It took the iPod and iTunes many years to become the number one music retailer in the US. The Kindle has overtaken the competition in just two years. The amazing Kindle has done for books what the iPod accomplished for music.


Kindles are BIG NEWS right now .. so don’t miss getting in at the beginning of this newrevolution in reading!


 Are You Ready to Publish Your Kindle Book?

You can get instant access to the “Publish Your Passion” Kindle Publishing Course today. And by tomorrow you will be publishing and selling your own books in the Kindle Store where literally millions of readers are looking for new books to buy and enjoy.

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What People Are Saying..

Great Product. Thanks, Val. The step-by-step nature of this product is fantastic. We all know how big kindle books have been getting in recent years and this gives marketers one more possible income stream. With your guide this possibility becomes a reality! I no longer have to spend hours trawling the web looking for information on how to format my eBook for Kindle. — John Thornhill, www.johnthornhill.com

You Have Done a Great Job, Thank you for letting me look at your Kindle Publishing Made Easy guide. I hadn’t realized there was so much to getting a product on Kindle the right way! So many “Big Names” make it sound so simple when they are trying to sell us their PLR to upload to Kindle. I’m GLAD to have read your PDF or I could have ended up getting my outsourcers to do it all badly and wrong! Having read through the PDF, I have to say you have done a great job in outlining each step of the process. And in a correct manner! I look forward to getting some eBooks on Kindle properly now (and the extra revenue that will bring…lol). — Warm regards, Randy Smith. www.RandolfSmith.com

I Can Highly Recommend Val’s Information. Finding timely, high quality information products on specific topics can be a challenge for many. I have not only reviewed Val Waldeck’s information products, I have had her as a featured expert for private group coaching sessions for members of two of my membership programs. Not only did Val provide incredible information, she graciously (and knowledgably) answered every question she was asked. — Kathleen Gage, The Street Smarts Marketer. www.kathleengage.com

I happily recommend the Step by Step guide. I purchased Kindle Publishing Made Easy from Val Waldeck and by using the program; I published my book within three weeks. I would have had a difficult and frustrating time if I had tried to publish without the guide. It’s easy and the step by step process will take you from a manuscript to a published book in no time at all. I happily recommend the Step by Step guide to anyone who wants to self publish and for the cost of the guide, it is an absolute must. — Craig A Ferreira, Discovery Channel, National Geographic.

It has been my roadmap. I can’t say enough about my purchase of ‘Kindle Publishing Made Easy’.  It has been my roadmap to getting my reports and short stories up and loaded into my Library Shelf. Before I found Val Waldeck’s manual, I had attended a Webinar. This Webinar got me interested, but it didn’t give me any clarity as to the steps I would need to take to publish with Amazon. Then along came Val! Her manual is ultimate for beginners to get published at Amazon. Her pages and screen shots were what I needed to understand the steps I would be taking. They were clear, concise, and for me, very productive! She even gave me links to free tools to get me up and running! What joy! I urge others who want to publish their treasures to first buy her manual, and then just get going! I have wanted to do this for a long time. With your tutorial, I now have 10 books on my bookshelf! I am a 71 year old Great Grandmother in the United States, Midwest. — Kathlene Amerine, USA

 I found your book on Kindle publishing easy to follow.  I remember a book, “Computers for dummies.” That’s me! My children say that I am technologically impaired. Yet I found your book on Kindle publishing easy to follow, with clear illustrations and arrows indicating “press here!” Now, thanks to the simple step-by-step guide I have my first book published by Kindle and am well on my way with the second. Thanks a ton, Val, for your huge contribution towards helping other writers get published. — Gerald McCann, South Africa

Congratulations on a well written and illustrated product. I will be writing a product review and telling people just how easy your eBook makes it to get Kindle published. I’ve now created two kindle products. I have to say that I purchased another product (before yours) to get myself Kindle published but I found gaps in it that would have stopped me. Yours was (is) a breath of fresh air that explains every detail. Congratulations on a well written and illustrated product. Right from the off you had me eager to complete it, pure excellence Val, thank you. — Barry Wells, UK *** Barry’s Review ***

I highly recommend ‘Kindle Publishing Made Easy’.www.wisewomenrelating.com It certainly lives up to its name. Val has succeeded in making what is potentially a very complex and confusing process into one that is very easy to follow, with instructions that someone with no knowledge of html language can easily follow. She describes every step in the process in a clear, concise and logical way including everything you need to know in written form backed up with helpful screen shots. Thanks to Val and ‘Kindle Publishing Made Easy’ I am delighted to say I have now successfully published my first book to Amazon’s Kindle. – Susanne Spencer. To Your Future Success in the growing World of Kindle Books!

Val Waldeck




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P.S. I just know you’ll benefit greatly, as have others who’ve invested in the Publish Your Passion Kindle Publishing Made Easy  Tutorial. I’m so confident I’m happy to give a 60 day unconditional risk-free guarantee.

P.P.S. Don’t let Kindle formatting hold you back anymore …… You Can Publish a Kindle book!

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